A Brief history of College

As women are the back bone of every society, their skill, sincerity and dedication is inevitable in every field. The need for women education was realized by the people of Mayiladuthurai town. In subsequence an executive committee was formed under the headship of the Thanjavur district collector Thiru. Rangabhashyam IAS, in 1960 to establish a government women’s college at Mayiladuthurai. His successor, Thiru. Antony IAS, District Collector, Thanjavur took great efforts for a women’s college at Mayiladuthurai. His continuous efforts and the contributions and involvement of various service organizations like Thasil Pannai, Rotary club, people of Mayiladuthurai gave full drive for the commencement of women’s college at Mayiladuthurai.

The Director of collegiate education and vice chancellor of Madras University gave hand and cooperated to establish government women’s college at Mayiladuthurai got a government women’s college at Mayiladuthurai town.

The Dharmapuram Adinam mutt encouraged the establishment of Government women’s college at Mayiladuthurai and imitated the healthy progress with a huge donation of Rs. 1 lakh. The shower of blessing of the Gnanambigai daily at Dharmapuram temple and all the holy powers stood base for the birth of ‘Dharmapuram Arts College for Women’ at Mayiladuthurai.

It was by July 1967 the people of Mayiladuthurai got a government women’s college for their town. Initially the college started functioning in a school building owned by Mayiladuthurai Municipality.Commenced with a pre university course of three subjects Maths, Science and Arts, the introduction of under graduate degree course in History was another milestone. During the academic year 1971-72 B.A History course gave a grand beginning for various under graduate and post graduate courses in the college. B.A Economics course was introduced during the academic year 1974-75. Own building for the college was newly constructed at the Rajanthottam land area given by the Mayiladuthurai municipal council. The new building was declared open with a grand ceremony on 16-09-1974 by the Tamilnadu Education Minister Honourable R. Nedunchezhiyan. Hence the college started functioning in its new own building during the academic year 1974-75. College decennial function was celebrated in a grand manner on 19-02-1978. To mark this occasion four new courses were introduced.During the academic years 1977 to 78 B.Sc Mathematics, 1978 to 79 B.Sc Zoology, 1979 to 80 B.A English Literature, 1980-81 M.A History were introduced and classes begun successfully. College took a new dimension in its History. With due recommendations of the Director of Collegiate Education Tamilnadu Government sanctioned educational gratuity of Rs. 40,0000/- to this college, and hence new class rooms wereconstructed on the first floor during the year 1989. College celebrated its silver jubilee on 18-04-1993 in a grand manner. To add more significance to this silver jubilee year three more new courses were introduced. B.Sc Bio-Chemistry, B.Sc Physics and B.Sc Computer Science courses were commenced during the academic year 1993-94. Again during 1994-95 a new under graduate course B.A Applied Tamil was introduced. This course was introduced for the first time by Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli, in this college. With university recognition M. Phil., History and M.A., Applied Economics were introduced during 1997-98. University recognized the commencement of B.A Archaeology during 1998-99. It was during the year 1999 the NAAC committee visited the college and accorded three star status to the college. During the year 2000-2001 the Tamilnadu Government introduced computer literacy programmed for the non-computer science students of the college. M.A Tamil course was introduced as self finance course during 2005-06. In 2006 the self finance course was converted as government course. The NAAC committee visited during the year 2007 assessed the college as with B+ grade.

Government endeavored to utilize the existing infrastructure for more number of students. This caused the introduction of shift system in the college. This enabled the introduction of additional sections of existing courses for which there were more demand from the students’ community. B.A Applied Tamil, B.A Economics, B.Sc Mathematics, B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Bio-Chemistry courses with single medium in each were introduced in shift II – evening session. During 2008-2009 second session of B.A English was introduced in shift II by increasing the number of shift II courses to six. B.Sc Chemistry and M.Sc., Bio-Chemistry were newly introduced in shift I during 2011-12. During the academic year 2013 – 14, M.Sc., Mathematics is introduced in shift I. With a grant of Rs. 4,85,820/- by UGC class rooms were constructed in the first floor during 2007-2008. The college is upgraded as ‘A’ grade college since the academic year 2007-08. With the government fund of Rs. 50 lakhs in the same academic year 2007-08 ten more class rooms, one language lab and Bio-Chemistry lab were constructed. This enhanced better infrastructure. As per the Government Higher Education fund request no. 20 a sum of Rs. 82.94 lakhs worth building with 13 more class rooms was sanctioned and built.

Dharmapuram Gnanambigai Government College for women, being the only government women’s college in the Nagai district is continuing its service for promoting women education especially for students coming from rural areas.Since the year 1967, the college is functioning under the headship of various Principals. The respectful Principals in the college history are:

Name and Qualification
TSelvi. T. Duraisamy, B.Sc.,(Honours)L.T.M.S. (Viscon) 07-07-1967 to 20-10-1967, 26-06-1968 to 22-08-1968
Tmt. C.R.Bangajatchi, M.A., L.T. 26-10-1967 to 26-06-1968
Selvi. S.Kamalatchi, M.A., L.T., 22-08-1968 to 03-11-1969
Selvi. Chandrakumari, M.A., 06-04-1970 to 26-07-1971
Selvi. C. Kamala, M.A., B.D., 26-07-1971 to 01-11-1973
SelviT.V.H.Devasahayam., B.A., (Honours)B.D., 24-11-1973 to 01-12-1976
Selvi. Dr. C. Parvathi, M.A., Ph.D., 03-01-1977 to 05-09-1979
Tmt. T.Anjanabai, M.A., 20-03-1980 to 26-05-1980
Tmt. R. Rajeswari, M.A., B.D., 03-07-1980 to 20-06-1981
Selvi. Deva. Elakkumidevi., B.A., B.Sc., (Honours) 30-10-1981 to 30-05-1985
Selvi. Dr. V.A.Vasantha., M.A., Ph.D., 31-05-1985 to 21-01-1986
Tmt. R. Sundaravalli, M.Sc., B.Ed., 17-06-1987 to 31-05-1991
Tmt. R. Prema, M.A., 01-06-1961 to 03-07-1996
Dr. (Selvi) K. Soundaravalli, M.Sc., Ph.D., 31-10-1996 to 05-06-1999
Dr.(Tmt) R.Nirmala, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., 07-09-1988 to 31-08-2001
Jane Mangalam, M.A., M.Phil., 01-07-2001 to 21-06-2012
Tmt. Sugantha Swami, M.A., M.Phil., 19-09-2002 to 31-12-2002
Tmt. B.Gomathi, M.A., M.Phil., 03-11-2003 to 02-05-2004
Tmt.Karol Vijaya, M.A., M.Phil., 30-07-2004 to 06-07-2005
Selvi. S. Rupalavathi, M.Sc., M.Phil., 07-07-2005 to 03-02-2006
Tmt. A. Rajarajeswari, M.A., 31-08-2006 to 31-05-2007
Thiru. R. Manoharan, M.A., M.Phil., 22-07-2008 to 31-05-2010
Thiru. R. Jambunathan, M.A., M. Phil., 22-07-2008 to 31-05-2010
Dr.(Tmt).K. Gandhimathi, M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., 17-08-2012 to 28-01-2013
Dr. P. Gowthaman, M.Com., M.B.A., M. Phil., Ph.D., 05-07-2013 to 31-5-2014
Dr. G. Hemalatha, M.Sc.,M.Phil,M.Ed,Ph.D(chem.),Ph.D(Edu)., 16-07-2014 to 22.07.2016
Dr.B.Bernice Bennett., M.Sc.,M.Phil,Ph.D   23.07.2016 to till date