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About our Library
The General Library of Dharmapuram Gnanambigai Govt. Arts College for Women is a Learning Resource Centre which supports the teaching and learning activities of all the Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members and all other member of staff in this campus. The Library follows open access system. It has separate Departmental Library for all the ten departments.
Library Resources


Resource type






Journals & Magazine



E- Resources




5  (3 – English & 2 - Tamil)

Working Hours



Working Hours



10.00-16.00 Hours


Circulation Service

10.00-16.00 Hours

Service provided -  

  1. Reference Service
  2. Circulation Service
  3. Referral Service
  4. Current Awareness Service
  5. Selective Dissemination of Information
  6. Photocopy Service
  7. Book Bank and University Exam Question Bank
  8. Web browsing/searching facilities through NRC and Wi-Fi internet facility within library






Teaching Faculty


30 days


Rs.1 per day/per book

Technical and supportive staff and others


14 days

Post- Graduate Students


14 days

Under- Graduate students


7 days

Rules and Regulations

General rules

  1. By the act of using any facility of the Library, a user agrees to abide by the rules of the    Library.
  2. Members will not be allowed to use the library in absence of the College Identity card.
  3. Silence must be observed in the Library. It is not permitted to work in-group and study verbally in the Library.
  4. Portable computers may be used after taking necessary permission from the Librarian.
  5. No person may misplace, misfile, misuse, damage or attempt to damage any library resources. The members responsible for any damage done to the documents or any other property belonging to the Library, is required to replace such library resources/property damaged or to pay the value thereof.
  6. All personal belongings except whitepapers should be placed in the Property Counter at the entrance. These should be taken back at the time of leaving the Library. The library cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. All user are requested to enter their details and sign the gate register which is placed at the entrance, while entering and leaving the Library.
  8. All users are requested to show their belongings at the Checkpoint before leaving the Library.
  9. All library resources must be borrowed before leaving the Library. Unborrowed items taken beyond the entrance are considered stolen. Offenders are liable for suspension and stern disciplinary action.
  10. The Library Authority has the discretion to suspend library membership, including access to the Internet, to borrowers who fail to return items or fail to pay charges after due notification, cause repeated disturbance or otherwise fail to comply with these rules and regulations.
  11. Library resources taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the users.
  12. Library Committee will decide the procurement of all types of information resources by examining recommendations of the internal members.
  13. Any violation of rule(s) may lead to cancellation/suspension of membership.
  14. All members associated with the institution should obtain Clearance Certificate from the Library before they leave the Institute.  

Borrowing rules -

  1. Books borrowed shall be returned on or before the expiry date. If a book is not returned by the due date, an overdue charge of 1 rupee per book per day shall be levied.
  2. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, back volumes, project report and other reference books which might be difficult to replace, will not normally be lent out except with the special permission of the Principal/Librarian. All such documents shall be referred within the premises allotted for the purposes.
  3. If the librarian recalls any book, at any time even before the expiry of the normal period of loan, the book shall be returned.
  4. Borrowed documents can be renewed for a maximum of two times only.
  5. Already overdue item or reserved item will not be renewed.
  6. In case of loss of book by the borrower she shall either replace the book or bear its double the cost.
  7. If the book of a multi volume set is damaged or lost, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay four times the cost of the same.
  8. Members may place a hold on materials that have already been checked out.

When the material becomes available, the member will be sent a notification.

  1. If the reserved library resource is not taken within 5 days, it is given to another member in queue or is put back on its shelf.
  2. A member cannot reserve more than two library resources.
  3. A member may not request a second hold on the same library resource.
  4. A member may have her borrowing privileges restricted if excessive overdue or fines accrue.


Librarian A. ANITHA
Qualification B.Com, M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil, PGDLAN (UGC/NET)
Contact No 04364 – 223393 
Mail ID dggaclibrary@gmail.com