Department of Computer Science

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  • 18 June
  • Computer Science Department


As a mark of Silver Jubilee Celebration, Computer Science department was established during the year 1993-1994 under the headship of Dr. A. Neelayadhakshi, head of the department of Mathematics. Out of her interest and concern for student’s welfare she took this additional charge and was the key person for the successful functioning of the department for about 7 years. Initially the department offered B.Sc. Computer Science.

During the year 2007-2008 another session of B.Sc. Computer Science was introduced in shift II. As a mark of Golden Jubilee Celebration, M.Sc. Computer Science was introduced in the academic year 2017-2018. There are 6 regular members, 2 Guest Lecturers in Shift I, 5 Guest Lecturers in Shift II and 1 Assistant Programmer.

Two laboratories are being maintained for students. This enables to provision of sufficient practical time for students. There is one smart class room with internet facility. This enables effective lectures and training sessions for students. Laboratory has 35 computers for students usage.

The Computer Science Association is functioning well by making opportunities to participate in quiz contest, IQ based tests, coding tests, special lectures, paper presentations etc., The Technology Interface Club is functioning so as to make students familiar and comfortable with recent technological facilities. The department conducted one two day workshop on “Get into e-learning resources” for college faculties.