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College has one main hostel with 25 rooms.CollegePrincipal is being the warden and Dr. R. Ilavarasi, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Tamil is the deputy warden. There are 2 cooks and one watchman in the hostel.The establishment amount is Rs.750/-(Rs.Seven hundred and fifty only) per month. Otherwise as for as mess is concerned, dividing system

Rules and Regulations

General rules
1. Hostel rules and regulations should be followed by students and parents. Otherwise students may be expelled from the hostel. 2. Students are allowed to go home once in a month or whenever the college hostel is closed. Parents have to come in person to take their wards home, if any student wants to go home in between the working days for any valid reasons. 3. Only two persons whose photographs affixed in the visitors pass alone will be allowed to visit the student on visitors day. 4. Students should bring the needed things, as they are not allowed to go out from hostel to get things. 5.Cellphone is prohibited in the Hostel campus. If the students need to keep cellphones in any unavoidable situations, it should be given to the Deputy Warden, which will be returned to them when they go home. Students can contact their parents through the hostel landline between 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. 6. Students are expected to be in the hostel before 6.00 pm. In case they want to go out, they should get prior permission from the deputy warden. 7. They should maintain their bathroom, toilets and rooms clean. 8.Students are not allowed to eat food from outside. They should eat only the food prepared in the hostel. 9.They should not wear valuable ornaments. They should keep their money and valuable things at their own risk. If they lose, the hostel will not be responsible. 10.Students are instructed to sign in the outgoing register maintained at the entrance, whenever they go out and enter into the hostel. 11. Students should attend the daily prayer meeting. Silence should be maintained during the study hours. 12.Students are instructed to attend college on the re-opening day without fail. If not they should bring their parents. 13. The students should abide the rules and regulations of the hostel.